10 Things To Do On A Winter Weekend!

Winter can be a bit boring. Try these 10 activities to help keep kids (and yourself) entertained this weekend! 

1. Make a puzzle! Get some Art & Craft Supplies (paddle pop sticks make a great base to draw on and then try and match them up again) and create your own puzzle to do. Not crafty? That's okay, just DO a puzzle instead. 

2. Go for a walk! Okay, it's cold, it's might be cloudy and looking a bit miserable outside, but that little bit of sunshine you can catch, getting your heart rate up and being outside in nature can do wonders. Get rugged up and go to the park to warm yourself up. 

3. Experiment with HOT CHOCOLATE! After being outside, get warm with a nice mug of hot choccie. Add some mint, or maybe some vanilla or white chocolate! Get creative and see what you like. 

4. Do a scavenger hunt - we have some you might like HERE 

5. Do something good for someone else. Maybe go for a walk around your park and pick up some litter? Bake some cookies for your next door neighbour? Clean out your wardrobe and donate to charity?

6. Make a fort! Grab some sheets, some pillows and some chairs or lounges. Make a fort, grab a book or some more pillows and take a nap after all that building. 

7. Make some beautiful (or terrible) music. We have some great musical toys here, but you can improvise as well. Grab some pots and pans, use a tissue box as a drum or even whip out the air guitar and make some noise!

8. Bake. Bake some cookies. Bake a cake. Get the kids to choose something, go to the store to get the supplies and spend the afternoon covered in flour and sugar and bake together. 

9. Have a pajama day! RELAX. Grab some pillows and big blankets. Stay inside all day and tell each other stories, play some board games or do some crafts(playdoh and sand are great for non messy craft activities). 

10. Enjoy spending time together with your family. Each pick one thing to do - go to the park, play a favourite game, watch a family movie. Just enjoy being together - but we think that's perfect for every day, not just a winters day. 

What's your favourite way to spend a Winter Weekend?