10 FREE things to do OUTSIDE with your kids

The weather is warming up. Before it gets TOO hot out there, why not spend some time with your child outside this weekend. Here are our top 10 things to do outside this weekend. 

1. Play tag. Nothing beats tag. It's fun, you'll be exercising, getting vital Vitamin D and I promise you'll hear squeals of delight from your child as you chase them. Even babies love being chased and 'captured' so put on your running shoes and get out there. 

2. Do some gardening. We love our garden, although we don't grow much. Grab your tools (check some out HERE) and get outside and get diggin'. 

3. Look at the clouds. This will help your child develop their communication skills as they describe what's happening in the sky to you. It encourages imagination - make your stories as wild as you want. Plus, it's a great way to lay down, take a breath and enjoy your time together. 

4. Go for a walk or ride. Pop your child on a bike (or trike) and go for a walk around the block. Talk about the sights and sounds as you go on an adventure in your own neighbourhood. Bonus if there's a park near by! Need a bike or trike? Check out our HERE

5. Go on a scavenger hunt! We have a few you can download HERE but you can make up your own if you like. We have an outdoor one, a sensory one, a colour one and an alphabet one. But you can do whatever you like! 

6. Make some music. Okay, this one might be a bit draining if you have loud musical toys, but we guarantee it will be enjoyable to spend time with your child making fun, beautiful(ish) music. If you need some new musical toys you can get some HERE

7. Run through the sprinkler. Obviously, this one depends on the water rules in your area, but if you can, I am struggling to think of a better way to spend the afternoon. It's free, it's fun and it's so very refreshing. I bet you did it as a kid, now you can join in the fun all over again! 

8. Create some beautiful art. Grab some paints, some crayons, some chalk, whatever you like and get arty. Developing a range of life skills (motor skills, creativity, imagination, expression) has never been so fun. Check out all our Art and Craft supplies HERE

9. Have a picnic. This is my sons absolute favourite way to have snack time. We load up our plates with a rainbow of fruit and vegetables, crackers, cheese and nuts and head out on our towels into the sunshine and snack while chatting together. It's a lovely way to pass the afternoon. Plus, helps teach your child about healthy eating if you let them assist in the kitchen when you're getting it prepared. 

10. Play a game like bowling, ring toss or quoits. This is a great way to get some energy out of your system. Playing a game like this will help with early maths and counting skills, encourage patience, turn taking and cooperation. If you need the toys simply click HERE

So there you have it, 10 of our favourite ways to get outside and have fun on a beautiful warm afternoon. 

What do you enjoy doing with your children? Is there a favourite game you play?