Mess Free Painting Activity for Toddlers

I LOVE craft. I HATE mess. That's why THIS activity is perfect for people like me. 

All you need is a:

Ziplock Bag
Fingers to smoosh it all around
Ear Muffs optional (they were the fashion item of the day!)

Simply squeeze some blobs of paint inside the ziplock bag. 

Do up the top of the bag TIGHTLY! You might want to add some tape if your child tends to be a bit of a destructo. 

Then... smoosh! 

We did this for HOURS. We managed to mix the colours together, talking about how they changed as the mixed. We did some with just red and yellow to make orange, we put a piece of paper in one bag and made an artwork for Daddy when he got home. We had SO much fun, and the best bit? NO CLEAN UP! Simply toss the bags away when you're done - but just FYI, we kept ours inside in the closet and they were still wet and able to be used a couple of days later - we'd squeezed most of the air out before we started squashing the bags. 

An easy, mess free activity that requires little supervision once all the paint is in the bag! Perfect when you need to hang that load of washing (or write that blog post). 

If you need some art and craft supplies like the paint in this activity - click HERE