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Egg Heads - Activity!

Posted on 17 February 2016

We love growing plants. I have a lovely (if I may say so myself) herb garden. I love how excited our Clever Kid gets when we go out to water the plants, pick the herbs and then when he sees them being used he goes a little bit crazy. So we decided to make EGG HEADS! 

What you'll need:

Egg Shells 
Cotton Balls
Cress Seeds (we got ours from a local nursery, but Bunnings should have them too and I have seen them in Woolworths too)
Water Spray Bottle 
Marker (optional) 


Wash the egg shells so there is no residue left in them. 

If you want decorate the outside of the egg shells - we have drawn faces on them so as the cress grows it looks like crazy green hair! 

Place a cotton ball inside each of the half shells. 

Sprinkle the seeds over the cotton balls. 

Spray the seeds with the water - they need to be quite wet so don't be shy. 

Put them in a warm, sunny spot and be sure to water them each day - you should be able to see a change THE NEXT DAY! 

Can you see the little sprouts already coming out THE NEXT MORNING!??


They will continue to grow over the next few days.

When they get to about 5cm you can trim them and use them in salads or sandwiches for a little bit of a tangy kick. 

How great is that - using the plants you made GROW! 

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