Boys Toys and Girls Toys

Blocks – they aren’t just for boys! And dolls aren't just for girls! 

We get asked every day – what should I buy for a 12 month old boy or girl?! It’s a logical question, I’ve asked that myself before! But we think there’s a new way of asking this question…

What should I buy for a 12 month old boy I know (and here’s the good bit) who loves building games?

What should I buy for a 2 year old girl who loves being outdoors?

My son is turning two, what should I get him that will help with his (here you can fill in the blank)?

What should I buy for a 4 year old who I can’t seem to keep occupied for more than 5 minutes!

Asking about a boy or a girl is fine, it’s a descriptor! We all do it and not just for children. But make sure it’s not the only thing you ask. My son loves playing with trucks, dinosaurs, jumping in the mud and also loves his dolls and musical toys and hates when his cars are out of line. As they get older children will naturally gravitate towards the toys they like and you’ll be able to tell. But PLEASE remember, ask the questions not based just on their gender, but also on what they are interested in.

We can help you and guide you for toys they might like based on their personality, but all our toys are good for boys or girls! If you are struggling and want some advice – get in touch! We can talk about toys all day long!

We have tried to help you to find a toy by the age of your little one HERE