But it's so expensive! Top tips for making smart toy choices.

We hear it all the time, toys for my child are SO EXPENSIVE! And yep! They can be. But we're here to help. Here are our top tips for making sure your toy choices are spot on. 

Does you child love things similar to what you're getting them? 
We mean are you about to spend $500 on an outdoor cubby house, but your child has never really enjoyed them when you've been at a park, play ground or if a friend has one? Then STOP! What does your child LIKE? And we don't mean what do YOU like. Do they love playing with nuts and bolts? Then yes, invest in a lovely big work bench for them. Do they love playing dress up? No? Then don't worry about that total doctors set, and see if they like a smaller kit maybe. 

Take care of your toys! 
Don't leave them in the rain, or the sun. Teach your child to respect their things (and your money) by making the pack away after playing. Put things away, keep them clean and they will last longer. 

Ask them. 
If your little one is old enough to answer you properly, ask them their opinion. Show them a photo of a few puzzles and say which do you like. Or ask them if they'd prefer new stompers or maybe a sand pit set rather than assuming. 

Quality, not quantity. 
Don't buy heaps of $2 toys that will break and cause disappointment. Spend your money wisely. Find toys that are high quality, will last and that little hands can't destroy straight away. 

Give them a range of toys. 
Have heaps of puzzles but no dolls? What about all the toy cars you have, but no art and craft supplies? Do you seem to trip over building blocks, but couldn't find a sensory game in your house if you tried? Give your child something new (while remembering to take note of their interests) so they start to develop a range of skills. 

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