Why is music important?

We all have different tastes in music. I don't know about you, but a child shaking some maracas is adorable at first, but then after an hour or so, it can get a bit much. If you are the same as me, try and remind yourself all the BENEFITS the little love is getting while they are driving you a little bit insane - it helps me deal with it a little better. 

Confidence - THEY are making the noise! They are creating the sounds! The have the POWER! That has to be great for someone who gets told most of the day what they are doing, where they are going and what they are eating. 

Gross Motor - Shaking belly bells will get their whole body moving. Banging a drum requires arm strength and hand eye co-ordination. But not only that, listening to the music others make will make them want to jump up and move around too! 

Fine Motor - An xylophone requires GREAT hand eye co-ordination. Tapping a triangle uses the little muscles in their hands and develops fine motor skills. 

Creativity - One of the best things about music is there are no rules! They are completely free to use the instruments however they desire. Bang the drum hard or soft, fast or slow. They are in complete control and create whatever noise they would like! 

Social - Just try and sit down while someone is tapping out a tune on an xylophone. Music brings people together, young and old. It is social, you don't need words at all, they are all experiencing the same thing. 

Patience – Children will learn to take turns and wait for others to finish while they are playing with their instruments – if with someone encouraging them to do so obviously!

Listen to instructions – They will learn to listen to someone explaining how to use the instrument, to wait for their turn and when they are a bit older, if they decide to learn an instrument as a hobby they will develop even more skills!

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