How many activities can you fit in one toy?!

How many activities can you fit in one toy?! LOTS if you are looking at these 5 activity stackers! 

We love toys that have more than just one way of being used - if you think outside the box you can make ANY toy a counting, literacy or size game we believe. But this toy does all the work for you! 

There is shape sorting, lacing, bead sliding, disc spinning, washboard scratching, belt buckling, hard buttoning, soft buttoning, shoe lacing, zippering AND a mirror for self recognition! We'll give you a second to take that all in. 

This toy will help develop fine motor skills, cognitive development, patience, problem solving, spatial awareness and even communication when you use it with them. Not only do they learn all those amazing skills with this toy, they also learn about size with the way the boxes stack and nest into each other. They can learn about colours as each box has a different colour, and also learn about animals with the cute design on the side of each. They learn about shapes with the shape sorting blocks (which are also a different colour each) but the best bit is it's SO MUCH FUN! 

Plus it's made for easy cleaning with removable fabric and the wood is sourced from sustainable rubber wood and (of course) finished with non-toxic paints and lacquers. 

This beautiful toy embodies exactly what we look for at CleverStuff, a stunning wooden toy that has a multitude of functions, that is educational, fun and will grow with your child. We can't think of a better gift for a little person you love. 

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