Coloured Ice Activity

Sometimes the simplest activities can be the most fun.

We know summer is on the way out, but with a few warm afternoons hanging around we LOVE playing with coloured ice. A few drops of food colouring can take outdoor play to a whole new level!

We mixed some food colouring together in a jar first, talking about how we can mix the colours to make new colours. We played guessing games as to what the colour would be at the end of each of our experiments.

We then worked on our fine and gross motor skills by pouring the coloured water into the ice cube trays. After this, patience was practiced as we waited for the ice to freeze (the freezer door might have been opened a few times during this part) but eventually the ice was frozen and we could add it to our water play!

We watched the colours melt into the water changing as they mixed together. We talked about how the ice melted faster when it was in our hands – it was like MAGIC, or science, depending on your age.

We worked on our fine motor skills by trying to pick up the slippery pieces of ice, we used tongs to try and catch them and we mixed it all up like we were baking a cake. We also added some pom poms to the water - because why not? 

We had SO much fun with our coloured ice – a simply entertaining activity!

And the next day it was even better, I could tip the ice into the water play tub, let the CleverKid start having fun and could sit at my lap top working while he played in the sun all afternoon.  

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