DIY Colour Wheel Craft + Activity

We love DIY crafts and activities!

This was one that admittedly took us a little longer than we want to admit to make, and we did it about 2 years ago with our friends that came over for a craft day…. Alright, us mums dad it while the boys played together with blocks!

But when going through our treasure chest the other day CleverKid found these colourful pegs and was intrigued. I can’t believe this DIY activity lasted for that long in our cupboard. We had so much fun matching the pegs to the right colours, naming the colours as we did so and using our strong fingers to open the pegs and clip them on the cardboard.

We used an old nappy box and coloured paint – like this paint – to paint the wedges of colour and the pegs. It took us about 30 minutes and even though our boys were too young to enjoy it at the time, both the board and the pegs have lasted well waiting for the day we bring them out to play! This great activity is a perfect go to for me now at dinner time – I take out all the pegs and sit CleverKid at the table and call out colours for him to identify and clip to the wedges.

Along with colour matching skills and the obvious fine motor skills, this activity requires spatial awareness as he can’t take up too much room otherwise more pegs won’t fit in the right wedge! We count the number of pegs we put on, how many to go, we count the colours and we talk about things we can see that are the same colours as the pegs - maybe if I'm cutting a carrot I'll ask him to clip on the same colour as the carrot, or the same colour as the shirt he's wearing. 

A wonderful craft for mums and hours of fun for kids.