A day in a CleverStuff Home Corner

Our favourite ‘HOME CORNER’ toys

Noble Kitchen - The classic kitchen has never looked so stylish and modern! A perfect addition for any home corner, because really, how is it a home without a kitchen?

Kitchen Mixer – Kitchens are made for baking, and we’re not in the 70’s anymore, so any self-respecting home baker has a kitchen mixer to cook up some delicious treats with.


Cupcakes on stand – Speaking of delicious treats! Why not use the Mixer to create some yummy cupcakes on wooden stand? Have a high tea with your friends (while staying healthy – because there’s no sugar in wooden cupcakes!)


Dolls – Your real life friends might be too busy building or doing arts and crafts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a tea party! Invite these beautiful dolls along and you’ll be the life of the gathering.


Coffee Machine – It’s been a long day in the home corner – your friends would probably love a coffee before they head back home! Use this stylish coffee machine to make them all a yummy latte, or hot chocolate, without even having to pop out to buy milk.

Fruit Cutting – Every household needs fruit. We know all about healthy eating so help the children in your care learn about fruit and practise their knife skills with these wooden pieces of fruit. Use the knife to ‘cut’ them in half, then put the Velcro back together and do it all over again!

Food Cutting – A balanced diet includes vegetables! If you’re over fruit salad, chop up a mushroom, tomato and maybe even a fish. Use this cutting tool to teach about sustainability, growth and even science (how vegetables are nourished by the sun!).


Ice Creams and Lollipops – Time to sit back and relax and think about your great day in home corner with an ice cream or lollipop!