Dad's Pick - Top 5 Toys

I asked Nate what his 5 favourite toys are at the moment. He tests out almost all our toys, so you can be sure he’s on top of what he likes! He didn’t elaborate too much – he just gave his honest opinions on why he likes these toys the most (at the moment!)


Car Garage – When I asked him why his answer was ‘I love cars’. That’s pretty much it.

Tumble Car – ‘I remember I had a rollercoaster when I was a kid, but this one is heaps better!’

Tip Top Triangle – ‘I like to know my money is being well spent, and this toy has so many functions I’m sure any kid will love at least most of it’

Balancing Crocodile – ‘This is a game that isn’t too difficult for little ones. We can’t play monopoly with a 3 year old yet, but this is a fun family game’.

Wooden Building Blocks – ‘We have two sets of these at home for our son and we KNOW they are going to last the test of time. Such great quality and we can make so much with them!’