First Birthday Toys

First birthdays are obviously a very exciting time for all new parents and friends. Their little one is growing up, and you'll hear lots of 'this year has just gone SO fast!' at the party I BET. One other thing you'll hear is 'what do you want me to get them for their birthday?' 

If you're looking for some great toys that little ones will love we have you sorted! 

1. Tip Top Triangle

 A multi functional educational activity toy designed to help learn shape sorting and counting. Also features a disc picture spinner and spiral end spinner. 

2. Magnetic Vertical Puzzles


We'll let our reviewer Gem tell you about this vertical puzzle - 

A lovely puzzle!

on Nov 25, 2015

Lovely quality and a very good price! The vertical puzzle introduces kids to different ways of solving problems than traditional puzzles on a board. Highly recommended!


3. Dolls


As they turn one, children are so much more observant and in touch with the world around them. They take an interest in others, so having a doll of their own to take care of makes perfect sense! 

4. Blocks


Blocks are amazing - as we've said just a couple of times - and help develop so many skills needed for children to develop the skills to walk and talk and grow. There are many kinds of blocks - so pick a few and help them learn while having fun. 

5. Animal Sensory Puzzle

Help your child develop their shape recognition and motor skills with this eight piece wooden puzzle. Featuring eight chunky wooden pieces, which are easy for little fingers to grip, this puzzle is made of ethically sourced wood. A bell, a rattle, kaleidoscope, magnifying glass, a little mirror and more, there will always be something to keep their interest!