Top 10 Toys for Childcare Centres, Family Day Care and Home Schoolers!

Our Top 10 Toys for Childcare Centres, Family Day Care and Home Schoolers!

Paint – Set of 10 bulk packs

Art & Craft - it's always been a staple in any child's weekly play. Save BIG when you order our Sets of 10 brilliant Poster Paints


Get active. Get moving. Use the parachute to run under, to sit on at story time, to play colour games or put balls in the middle and roll them around. Such a fantastic item that's been around for YEARS - and we know why! 


We have magnets for all ages. Toddler magnets for little hands to learn to build and tiles for older, more skilled engineers and designers. Use them on a light panel to see the beautiful colours. See who can build the STRONGEST house. Build a car or a castle. The options are endless. 


When you sit down to read, or spend some Tummy Time with little ones you want to be sure they are on something that is safe and sturdy. Our rugs are of the highest quality, while still being the best price. 

Sand Pit Toys

Pretty self explanatory here I think. On warm days you can use these tools with water to enjoy a splash in the sun. As it gets cooler use them in the sandpit to dig and burrow into the sand. 


Home corner isn't a home without a baby boy or girl. Plus multicultral dolls help children feel connected to their world and give them a sense of belonging. 

Alphabet – wooden set of 5

We can think of 100's of ways to use these wooden letters. Use them like flash cards for younger kids. Set them up on a table for loose parts play. Get children to use them in a sandpit or play tray and dig for them. Play hide and seek and hide them around the room for children to find. Spell out things in your room and stick the letters to them with blu-tak (door, window, desk for example). If you want more ideas just ask! We have SO MANY!

Dancing Ribbons

Do a dance. Show how the wind is blowing. Talk about how you can make shapes as you move around (you could even prompt with 'Can you make a triangle? Or a spiral?'). 

Lifecycle Puzzles

Teach children about lifecycles, growth and development with these lovely layered puzzles. It brings science to the classroom in a very easy way. Helps enhance a children's sense of belonging and creates interested and involved learners. 

Set of 6 Easy Hold Lenses

Help children feel a sense of awe and wonder. Use these lenses to change the colour of everything they see, a giant magnifier and mirrors give true and distorted reflections of the world around them. Can be stacked for colour mixing and for use on a light box.


Well! That was exhausting! Choosing only 10 was TOUGH! 

What's your favourite toy in your centre?