by Bec Slack May 19, 2016

The EYLF is an abbreviation for Early Years Learning Framework' in Australia. EYLF is a framework – it’s not a program, it’s not a curriculum to follow, it’s not a syllabus. It is a foundation of Principles, Practices and Learning Outcomes to assist educators in designing a curriculum, using Learning Outcomes as goals for children to achieve and using the Principles and Practices to reflect of early education, care and learning (credit: Aussie Childcare Network)

We'll be honest. The Early Years Learning Framework confused us a little when we bought CleverStuff about a year ago. We didn't realise JUST how much educators had to show, observe, document and communicate in their daily tasks (again, educators are AMAZING!). So we've tried to help a little by putting together some ideas to show how our toys that can link and help you meet the EYLF.  

Outcome 1 – Children have a strong sense of identity

Australia Map Puzzle
Flexi Families
Stainless Steel Balls
People Paint
Flags of the World

Outcome 2 – Children are connected with and contribute to their world

Additional Needs People
Community Trucks (recycling,  etc)
Traffic Signs
Flags of the World
Animal Puzzles

Outcome 3 – Children have a strong sense of well being

Wooden Playground
Expressions / Feelings Char t
Belly / Wrist Bells
Outdoor equipment

Outcome 4 – Children are confident and involved learners

Hole Punches
Dressing Frame
Matching Games
Alphabet / Maths Blocks
1- 10 Number Puzzles
Sorting Toys

Outcome 5 – Children are effective communicators

Feelings Char t
Expressions Char t
Paints / Crayons / Pencils
Alphabet Puzzles

Bec Slack
Bec Slack

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