Juicing - a delicious activity!

We love checking out Facebook for new ideas. Today we found THIS absolute beaut from Tracey at Little Munchkins FDC. 

Tracey's Family Day Care Children from Little Munchkin's Family Day Care were lucky to be involved in a learning experience that not only promotes Healthy and Nutritious lifestyles but also encourages sustainability. Each child engaged in this enriching learning experience which started out as juicing fresh fruit and vegetables and discussions around healthy foods.

Tracey said "Yesterday we juiced some fruit [Carrot, Apple, Celery, Ginger, Kale, Lemon, Oranges, Pineapple] Each child took a turn and we discussed the benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables. We are juicing each morning in the hope to keep away the winter nasties!"


The CleverStuff Team love the looks of joy on these happy faces.

Can you believe all the things they are learning here? Healthy eating, how foods taste different to each other, how things grow, how the solid fruit can turn into the liquid juice, taking turns, patience, hand eye co-ordination, communication about what they like and don't like, fine motor skills holding the cup. Woah! We're tired just thinking about how many way this seemingly simple activity can lead to SO many future learning opportunities! 

"We sat at the table to drink our juice, all the children loved it and Connor even asked for seconds!"

Tracey and these children chose to extend the learning by focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling, learning about sustainability and nature. 

"To extend this learning further we headed out to the back yard to use the fruit/vegie pulp as compost."
















"Each child took a turns to dig up a patch around our lemon tree and shovel the pulp around the roots. We added top soil, this keeps away fruit flies etc. and allows the worms to do their work."

What a WONDERFUL way to spend a morning. 

Tracey is the Owner / Managing Director at Little Munchkin's FDC
Mobile: 0431015216