3 simple ways to connect with your child – for when you feel like a crappy parent

3 simple ways to connect with your child – for when you feel like a crappy parent

Feeling like a crappy parent? That you want to connect with your child, but seem to fail because, well, life? We are always connected to our phones, our work, our household duties and a thousand other things. Our mental load is out of control! But it’s easy to realign and come back to a deeper connection with your child – they are there and waiting for it. So let’s have a quick look at a few simple ways to feel connected to your child again.

  1. Talk to your child.

    This one is pretty simple. Put down your phone. Turn off the TV. And talk. Ask them about their day. Who did they play with? What was the BEST thing that they learned? Did they sing any songs? What made them sad? It’s good to bring up the good as well as the bad, to normalise feeling sad and work on coping tools for next time. Make eye contact (it helps so much) and give your child your full attention. Make a habit of talking to your child and your connection is sure to deepen.

  1. Their choice of play – with your FULL attention.

    Again, phones go away, television is switched off, and they get to pick. Look, doing the same puzzle a dozen times loses its shine pretty quickly, but you know what doesn’t? The joy your child will get when they play with you. The connection and closeness you feel when you see their face light up when you accept their offer of a tea party. THOSE are the things that matter.

  1. RELAX.

    Parenting is TOUGH. Please relax. You are NOT a crappy mum. You are amazing. You are doing your best. If you are reading this YOU CARE! Next time you see your child give them a giant hug and as they squeeze you back, you’ll FEEL how much they love you. Look at that little cutie that you would give your life for. They don’t think you’re crappy. They think you are amazing. And we do too.

So there you have it.

3 SIMPLE ways to have a deeper connection with your child starting today. And do it more often and you’ll feel it get closer and closer!

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