Science Fun - Colourful Rain Clouds

We tend to do most of our arts & craft activities outside. So when it came over a little cloudy, but I knew my son wanted to play with colours I thought I'd give these colourful rain clouds a go. And what a hit it was! We talked about how the shaving cream looked like the clouds we could see in the sky. How the colourful drops looked like rain falling down. And then how the colours mixed together to make new colours. It kept my son (and me) entertained for ages! All we had to do was pour it out and start again when the 'clouds' got too heavy and the water was brown and no longer see through. 

We had an amazing time. If you want to give it a go, it's SO simple. 

What will you need:

  • A glass jar (or jars)
  • Shaving cream (gel won't work for this)
  • Food colouring 

Fill your glass jar with water. Cover it with the shaving cream. Drop the food colouring on the top (obviously, this is a little messy - so be careful with clothes etc). Watch the colours 'rain' down.



Easy! Beautiful! Colourful! 

We extended on this but mixing the colours (red and blue make purple etc) for more fun. We also used a spoon to mix the water around. We did more shaving cream, and then less shaving cream. We had 'races'. The options are as wide as your imagination!