Parenting advice - well meaning, super frustrating!

Today we came across a blog and something in it hit a note with the CleverStuff team and we had to share it. 

When you have a newborn sometimes people take it as an opportunity to give you advice. Advice on everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Yes, I do it too. I just can't help it, but some times this well meaning advice can make your skin boil. 

The blog we visited brought up the most frustrating piece of advice for the writer (The Fringe) - sleep when the baby sleeps. This was top of my list too. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Such good advice! But does that mean I should vacuum when the baby vacuums? Do groceries when the baby is doing its shopping? Cook when the baby cooks? Yes, well meaning, but goodness it was frustrating. 

Anyway, this blog was just too accurate for us not to share. 

Click here to visit the blog!

What was the worst piece of advice you received?