Life lessons from little people

I'm not a gardener. I like to pretend I am though. I enjoy gardening and my herb garden is a lovely activity that our Clever Kid and I do together - watering, tasting, smelling and pruning.

Not only a fun activity I think it is VERY important that our children know where their food comes from. Learning about worms, compost, seeds and growing is so much fun, and if you have the space you can grow your own! Farm animals like chickens and cows with their eggs and milk are such a huge part of our lives and I strongly encourage you to teach your children so they have an appreciation and understanding of the world they live in. 

Anyway! While enjoying the lovely weather this weekend, our Clever Kid and I noticed that the tops of the carrots were starting to poke through and look quite large. We decided we would harvest them and this was the result.... 

I couldn't help but laugh! We have been watering, loving and caring for these carrots for months now! And this was the result? I instantly felt like giving up too. What's the point? But then my son, Clever Kid, got SO excited! He grabbed them and ran to his Auntie and proudly showed her what he had made. He took them around to show his Dad too. Then even asked to call his Grandma to tell her about what he had done. 

It really made me stop and think about how we can learn a little more from kids. Something that was disappointing for me, was a moment of pure excitement, pride and elation for my little one. It's made me realise that while we are teaching them, there is so much to learn in return! 

Has your little one (at home or in your class room) taught you a life lesson?