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Toilet Roll Painting

Posted on 10 September 2015

Spending an afternoon in the sun on a lovely Spring day is one of my favourite things. Plus if I can keep Clever Kid entertained at the same time, it is even better! 

We love our crafternoons, and we've found a great love of Toilet Roll Painting. 

Simply bend, fold and cut your toilet roll into any shape you like and use it instead of a paint brush! 

And don't worry about washing and drying those brushes - you can simply toss them in the bin once you're done! 

We used our designed as wrapping paper for the next birthday party we attended - it was beautiful and added a lovely personal touch to the gift (which was in fact art supplies!)


If you wanted you little one to be able to cut the rolls themselves check out our Kids Scissors HERE

If you need some paint or paper supplies check out our Art and Craft Collection HERE

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  • Gem: September 10, 2015

    Looks fun! Thanks for sharing!

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