Science is such an important aspect of learning about the world we live in. Here are our Top 5 Science Toys for kids of all ages (and adults too! I have the floating magnets on my desk!!)

1. Magnetic Wands - Is something magnetic? Find out with these lovely wands. Use them for sorting, learning about materials, sensory play for little ones and a wide range of fun activities! 

2. Bug Eye Viewer - Okay, so it's called a Bug Eye Viewer, but why just look at bugs? Put anything you like in the container and get an up close look at whatever it is! 

3. Coloured Paddles - How does the world look through these coloured paddles? What about when a red and blue paddle are put over each other? Great for exploring colour and light. 

4. Floating MagnetsPlace the ring magnets over the stand and watch the magic! Set of four rings (colour coded and marked with north/south poles) and a stand.

5. Magnifying Glass - A classic for a reason. Magnifying glasses make anyone feel like a detective or scientist!