Top 5 BEST Gross Motor Toys!

Gross Motor Skills are very important for kids. Walking, running, jumping, skipping - they are just a few of the benefits of developing gross motor skills. Here are our Top 5 Gross Motor Toys... 

1. A Ball. Do we need to say more? 

2. Belly Bells. Put the bells around your belly. Wiggle. Shake your hips. Run and jump and listen to the sound they make. See if you can make it around the room without making a sound. See who can keep in time with the beat. Music and movement are GREAT!

3. Parachute. A classic childcare and playgroup tool. Lift it up, run under it, sit on it, find the colours. Get outside and get active!

4. Hoppers. We think these are possibly our cutest toy! The 5 different toys are lovely friends, but even better to ride on! Bop along using your whole body. Fun for even the bigger kids. 

5. Stompers. The world might look a little different from up high on these stompers! Co-ordination is tested with these stompers - don't worry though, they are just 6cm high, so not too tall for young ones.