It's school holidays... Fun right? Maybe you've already heard the words a couple of times? We're here to help! Here are 100 ideas for activities for kids of all ages! 

Here's a tip - write them on Paddle Pop Sticks, put them in a jar, and instead of the kids coming to you for new activities they can pick them out themselves! 

  1. Make up a new dance
  2. Go outside and catch bugs - want to see them up close? Try THESE
  3. Pick some flowers for someone
  4. Lay down and watch the clouds
  5. Tidy your room
  6. Help organise dinner
  7. Collect leaves - keep them in THIS
  8. Make some play dough (or play with some HERE)
  9. Build a cubby out of blankets/boxes
  10. Create an artwork (get the materials HERE)
  11. Call your Grandparents
  12. Go for a walk
  13. Skip rope
  14. Read a book - we have some GREAT ones HERE
  15. Create a comic strip
  16. Water the garden
  17. Play with sand - want more? Try THESE
  18. Make a magic potion
  19. Bake cookies
  20. Ask your neighbours if you can help them with anything
  21. Ask Mum if she needs help
  22. Ask Dad if he needs help
  23. Read a book to your bother / sister - we have some to pick from HERE
  24. Help pick up your toys
  25. Watch a new movie
  26. Stamp painting (need some materials? Click HERE!)
  27. Make a sundae to share
  28. Go to the park
  29. Make a pasta necklace
  30. Go on a scavenger hunt - we have some FREE PRINTABLES HERE
  31. Paper Aeroplane Competition - colourful paper is PERFECT for these!
  32. Play hopscotch - draw it with THIS
  33. Do a science experiment - we have lots of inspiration HERE
  34. Go for a bike ride
  35. Learn a magic trick
  36. Play cards
  37. Listen to music
  38. Putt putt golf
  39. Give Mum a make over
  40. Dress Up
  41. Play basketball
  42. Kick a ball around - get ACTIVE with THESE
  43. Make an obstacle course - get inspiration from THESE
  44. Bean Bag Toss - we LOVE THESE
  45. Plant some herbs
  46. Play a musical instrument - like THESE
  47. Write a story
  48. Wash your toys
  49. Wash the car
  50. Play with your pets
  51. Draw with pavement chalk - we LOVE THIS
  52. Go look at things up close with a magnifying glass - THIS one works well!
  53. Do a puzzle - we have just a couple of those HERE... 
  54. Throw a Frisbee
  55. Make a paper chain 
  56. Write a poem
  57. Draw something you cansee - click HERE for supplies 
  58. Walk the dog
  59. Make pizzas
  60. Learn a new recipe
  61. Build a castle with blocks - for all your BLOCK needs click HERE
  62. Learn to say the alphabet… backwards!
  63. Fly a kite
  64. Explore your backyard
  65. Help clean out your drawers
  66. Put on a play
  67. Blow Bubbles - we LOVE this
  68. Visit the library
  69. Learn origami - use THIS paper
  70. Paint a pet rock - need paint? Click HERE!
  71. Have a tea party
  72. Invent something new
  73. Feed the ducks
  74. Listen for birds
  75. Find a 4 leaf clover
  76. Go swimming
  77. Climb a tree
  78. Go for a bush walk
  79. Learn to juggle
  80. Play I Spy
  81. Play tennis
  82. Build a garden from pipe cleaners - ours are HERE
  83. Trace your hands and make an artwork - we have pencils if you need them! Click HERE
  84. Finger paint - PERFECT paint pots HERE
  85. Go fishing - if you aren't near water, try THESE
  86. Colour in - we have JUST what you need
  87. Make lunch for the family
  88. Have a slumber party in the lounge room
  89. Give your Mum or Dad a massage
  90. Make goop
  91. Grow Grass Heads
  92. Play a board game
  93. Design a new board game
  94. Do yoga
  95. Take some photos
  96. Make a fruit salad
  97. Make a sock puppet
  98. Make a bead necklace - we've got BEADS aplenty!
  99. Create an artwork with leaves or sticks
  100. Make a card - check out our art and craft supplies HERE