5 Intentions for you (and your kids!) + 50 ways to do them!

New Year - New You? We don't think that's necessary! You are FABULOUS! How about New Year - New Intentions? Yes! This year we haven't made resolutions, we have new intentions to bring our family closer, more peaceful and enjoy the time we have together.

Our 5 intentions are : 

1. Play every day

2. Try something new every day

3. Be active every day

4. Read every day 

5. Do something as a family every day

Here are some ways we hope to achieve this every day - in some new ways. For example, maybe on a Sunday the way we read together will be the recipe for cookies while we spend the day baking? Maybe you can try something new by going to the park together and giving the monkey bars a go (this is play, trying something new, being active AND doing something as a family!). 

Play Ideas 

  1. Grab some puzzlesand start creating
  2. Get out your building blocks and create a castle!
  3. Take some containers outside and set up a pouring station. 
  4. Use your toy cars to drive around your imaginary city
  5. Dress up!
  6. Do a painting 
  7. Go on a scavenger hunt
  8. Find some bugs in the garden 
  9. Make some noise with musical instruments
  10. Set up a shop and be customers while your child is the shop keeper

Try Something New Ideas 

  1. Try a new dinner together
  2. Go to a new park
  3. Plant some new seeds
  4. Let the kids be in charge for the day - they pick outfits, food, activities!
  5. Find a toy that hasn't been played with for a while and give it another whirl
  6. Take a photo every day
  7. Eat outside - on a picnic blanket in nature. 
  8. Volunteer somewhere - if that's not possible regularly go through and donate unused things from your home (need to declutter toys?). 
  9. Visit a local attraction - fire station, museum, park, lake or art gallery! 
  10. If it's miserable weather try and learn a new magic trick inside


Be Active Ideas - 

  1. Grab some chalk and play hopscotch
  2. Walk to the park together and have a game of tag. 
  3. Have a danceparty!
  4. Play Hide and Seek together
  5. Kick a ball around the back yard!
  6. Do some yoga - there are some great kids yoga poses available on Pinterest. 
  7. Play Simon Says
  8. Set up an obstacle course outside
  9. Go for a bike ride
  10. Bounce on the trampoline

For all CleverStuff active and outdoor toys and games click HERE

Reading Ideas 

  1. Read a recipe while baking
  2. Read the instructions for a new board game
  3. Have a week of new books each night before bed
  4. Go to the library and pick a new topic each!
  5. Spell out items in the pantry when getting dinner ready

And for the little ones who aren't reading themselves yet... 

  1. Have a week of new books each night before bed
  2. Make up a story together
  3. Point out letters while in the car - street signs, building names, numbers for speed limits - start introducing letters and numbers every where we go!
  4. Sing nursery rhymes together
  5. Use alphabet building blocks to start creating words together

Family Time Ideas 

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Watch a movie
  3. Enjoy dinner together
  4. Have an hour without any screen time
  5. Lay outside and watch the clouds together
  6. Talk about your day - everyone must ask and answer 3 questions minimum
  7. Go for a swim
  8. Have a family bike wash - everyone washes their bikes together
  9. Build a secret fort out of towels, sheets and blankets. Put in some pillows and relax!
  10. Spend some time asking each other questions - what's your favourite animal, if you could have any food right now what would it be, what's your favourite game to play with Mum... take the time to REALLY get to know each other and learn! 


Well. There are just a few things to do together this year to help encourage your family to enjoy the time they spend together. 

What do you do with your family that makes you feel close to each other?