5 ways educational toys can help develop an interest in STEM

5 ways educational toys can help develop an interest in STEM

Many parents can attest that it is not easy to convince an older child to believe that STEM subjects are not as hard and boring as they think they are. However, teaching a young child to embrace the concepts early can make the subject interesting and help them discover their love for STEM. Here are five ways educational toys can help develop an interest in STEM.

1. Experimenting with cooking and baking

Cooking and baking are excellent ways for kids to explore chemical reactions at home. Measuring ingredients, mixing them together, and watching them transform in the oven is a science experiment in itself. It becomes fun and easier for children to view other daily activities and objects from a scientific point of view. 

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2. Giving life and role to objects

The good old basic educational toys are still a great choice compared to the complex toys being introduced to the learning sphere. Open-ended toys like wooden toys give kids a chance to be in command of the toy, and not vice versa. This allows children to become creative and imaginative by giving the wooden toys life and a role to play. For example - when a child is in charge and acts out a scene with a dolls house, they are creating their own world, they are the director of the play. When children play with toys that mimic life (like an electronic toy) they are restricted in how they play. 

3. Solving problems through role-playing

Role-playing allows children to imagine and exercise skills that are critical in STEM subjects. This may involve kids wearing lab coats and taking a trip to the future to save a situation, just like scientists. The point is to equip the child with problem-solving techniques that may inspire their career choices in life.

I wonder how many surgeons played doctors as a child? How many vets enjoyed play time with pretend animals? 

4. Building with wooden blocks

The idea of individual pieces joining together to form a whole other useful object can enhance a child’s observation and analytical skills. Construction toys like wooden blocks provide an open-ended and fun activity which can prepare kids for subjects like engineering and can make it easier for them to recreate. Kids are better able to handle the challenges with a structured block since they get to work with blocks of various sizes, shapes, and colours.

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5. Exploring the great outdoors

Scientific toys offer a chance to go out there and explore the great outdoors. When you have some time to spare, consider taking your kids on an adventure where they can collect flowers, seeds, rocks, and leaves to investigate later with educational toys. Use a magnifying glass to look closely at the shape of a leaf, use a flower press to create dried out art works. 

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