New skills can be TOUGH!

Learning new skills, concepts, ideas or abilities can be challenging both for parents, children and teachers. Not all children learn in the same way, and not all subjects can be taught using the same techniques or methodology. And, to make things even a bit more complicated, many a time we want to make the learning experience fun for our children no matter if they are babies, toddlers or adolescents. Fortunately, there are plenty of games, activities and educational toys parents and teachers can put into practice to encourage their children and teens’ commitment to learning.

Teaching How To Read

Believe it or not, very young children can be taught how to read without the need of hiring any kind of tutor or sending them to any kind of school for genius minds. Babies should be provided with books made of cloth or covered with plastic so that they start to get acquainted with the format. These books can be bought either at toy shops or bookstores, and they come with bright and colorful images. They can even be used during bath time as there is no risk at all if they get wet.

Once they get older, buy them books and read stories to them. Get ready to read the same story or even the same fragment over and over again. Sit your child on your lap and trace the words you are reading with your finger. This is an efficient way of helping your child learn without you or him even noticing so.
Playing Scrabble or other word games is also a fun way of introducing your child or teenager to reading. As your child develops some reading preferences, encourage him to choose his own books and take him to the bookstore as often as you can. Ask him about the books he is reading or ask him to draw his favourite part of his favourite story. Teenagers also love talking about the books they are reading
or to be offered a book tailor suited for their age.
Teaching About Plants

If you are lucky enough to have your own garden or you have a large patio full of plants, you can teach your child and teenager about plants. While he is very young, let sit him on the grass and let him tear some grass off the ground, smell it and feel it with his fingers. Just make sure it does not end up in his mouth!

Playing With Educational Toys

Children and teens are always looking for something to do, so try giving them some educational toys.
Educational toys will keep them both amused and intellectually challenged.

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