7 reasons we LOVE wooden toys!

We know this might shock you, but we LOVE wooden educational toys. Here are our top 7 reasons you should pick wooden toys for your child! 
  1. Your child is in control! What do I mean? Your child has to move, push, pull, twist or 'roar' the dinosaur to make it work. They can't just press a button and wait for the reaction. Active play leads to an active mind. 

  2. Less chemical toxicity. They are made of natural materials and hence are safer for your child as they contain less toxins than a lot of plastic toys on the market. 

  3. Develop their sense of touch. I know you can 'touch' plastic, but it doesn't have bumps, and ridges, and the grain of the wood. It opens up a whole new world of sensory development. It isn't cold plastic. 

  4. Less impact on the environment. Wooden toys require wood, possibly glue or screws and occasionally some paint. This is far less impact on the environment than plastics and batteries containing such chemicals as (dependant on battery manufacture and whether rechargeable or not) zinc chloride, alkaline, lithium, NiMH and lead acid. Plastics take hundreds of years to degrade, wood takes years. The manufacture of plastic also requires vast amounts of resources. Wood has less resource cost especially if it comes from sustainable plantations - which CleverStuff toys do.

  5. Less danger. Swallowing a battery can be harmful or fatal. Swallowing small pieces of plastic is also a health hazard. Wooden toys do not have anything this harsh on or in them. They are also less like to break or snap due to their durability. 

  6. Can be used for generations. Wooden toys tend to last generations, where as plastic toys tend to have a 'use by date'. They fade in the sun, snap or break, or become 'old'. I know the toys my son plays with are so sturdy and durable, entertaining and educational that they will be used for years to come. Have you ever heard of a plastic toy being passed down for generations? I haven't. But I have certainly heard of a spinning top, or a rocking horse being loved over and over. 

  7. They learn more. So the toy says the alphabet when you push a button, or sings a song. That is great, and has it's place, but there is nothing that can replace a child learning through play, doing and interaction. I know, I know, you've heard me say it before - PLAY WITH YOUR CHILD! Doesn't matter if it's wooden or plastic, a toy or pots and pans. Play with them and they will learn more than you could ever imagine. 

We love wooden toys - we could talk about them for hours! If you want to see all our wooden toys, check them out here.