1. Balance Boards - get your whole body moving with these balance boards. Make the ball follow the path by moving your hips and bending your knees. 
2. Log Toss - this maths game is fun for all ages (believe me, it's a Christmas favourite for the adults in my family!). It's a simple game of skill and hand eye co-ordination to try and knock down the pin with the numbers you need! Fun, competitive and teaches you maths too! 
3. Pull Along Wheelie Toboggan - fun with a friend, or roll on your belly alone - feel the wind in your hair as you speed along on this toboggan. Lots of fun for active play - wear them out with fun!
4. Hoppers- bounce, bounce, bounce. Simple really, but goodness the benefits are much more. Get their heart pumping, their muscles working and their imagination running as they bounce the dragon up to battle, ride the horse around the farm or rodeo or take a safari adventure on the zebra! 
5. Stompers - these stompers are perfect for little feet at only 6cm tall little people will feel like giants! Cultivate co-ordination and full body movement!
There are MANY more active toys available here at CleverStuff - it's hard to pick just 5, but we hope you love these as much as we do!