Top toys to help babies develop

Rattles and ordinary soft toys are not the only ones now available in the market for babies. In fact, baby toys have evolved over time.  Mums and dads to be, anxious grandparents and happy friends usually find it overwhelming to choose the first toys to give as gifts for the new member of the family. Things can get even more complicated if they want to invest in educational toy gifts.

Educational toy gifts for babies need to be stimulating and fun as well as enable the baby to enhance and encourage his brain development and stimulate the maturity and development of his gross and soft motor skills. Needless to say, these toys need to satisfy the baby’s curiosity for the world around him while providing him with a safe playing environment. All the five senses need to be stimulated in different ways as the baby interacts with the toys.

Our four best educational toy gifts for children.

  1. Baby Blocks: It is almost unbelievable that colorful blocks can have such a positive educational impact on babies. They can be brilliant colours, and they allow babies and toddlers to pile them up one over the other, drop them into buckets, make them fit into different shape sorters, stack them and so on. Some baby blocks are made of soft cloth and foam and have small bells inside them so that as the baby shakes them and picks them up he is also stimulated in his sense of hearing. 
    See our blocks HERE

  2. Musical toys: Babies are highly attracted by sound, and they find it fascinating to discover that only by pressing a button or opening a lid a new sound appears. There is a wide variety of musical toys available in the market. Some of them imitate the sound of different animals or means of transport, others introduce the baby into different melodies and others just name different objects as the baby pushes or touches the different images.

  3. Activity Boxes: Activity boxes are great educational toy gifts for children, because they offer the child plenty of opportunities to enjoy himself and learn different things and improve his gross and fine motor skills. 

  4. Books: Even if a baby does not know how to read, books for babies and toddlers are great educational toy gifts. They allow children to learn how to manipulate books, and it also offers a great opportunity for parents and other close relatives to spend quality time with their babies and toddlers.

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