Wooden toys - made to play!

Believe it or not, in this era of computer games and toys with so many colorful buttons and artificial stimuli that leave almost no room at all for our children to interact with them in a plentiful or imaginative way, wooden toys are back and there are many children who are fascinated by them.

Wooden toys are more durable and eco friendly!

In fact, most of the wooden toys children have lately discovered and that are increasingly growing in their popularity, are not much different from the ones we used to play with when we were their age. With this being said, many parents are happily surprised to find their children playing hours on end with the same kind of wooden toys they had tons of fun when kids.

These toys also offer some additional and worth considering advantages. To begin with, they are significantly more durable than synthetic or plastic ones and even the most energetic child can play with them for hours on end without breaking them. In addition, they are sustainable not only because wood is a natural element but also because the paint use to make them more attractive is always eco friendly.

Child experts and psychologists agree on the fact that wooden toys, though simpler and lacking of all the bells and whistles of most modern toys, appeal to children in a more sincere and passionate way. Wooden toys cannot move by themselves and they require a child’s avid imagination to provide hours of fun and engaging entertainment. Needless to say, wooden toys allow children to be much more creative, they nurture and develop their imagination and provide children with an encouraging and safe learning environment.

Wooden toys are definitely made to play but they are also great for helping children learn new skills and abilities that are pre-digested in modern toys.

One of the best wooden toys are building blocks!

Building blocks are some of the most popular wooden toys both for boys and girls. They can be used to create towers, buildings, bridges or castles and they allow children of all ages to learn notions of size, shape, weight and balance in an informal and engaging way. Some building blocks can be found in sets with guiding instructions that help your child create more sophisticated architectural pieces.

Other wooden toys appeal to children because they are colorful.  From wooden puzzles to wooden shape sorters, these wooden toys are usually tailored suit for younger children who like learning new things but need to have some kind of repetition in the movements they have to make. Some of these toys even become young children’s favorites as they come with a small mallet that allows children to pound the different pieces into the right slot.

Wooden puzzles and wooden stack and sort boards are also great to develop a child’s imagination and help him learn how to focus his attention. Whether he has to concentrate on the different colors and shapes and stack them correctly or on which piece should come next in the puzzle, these educational toys are really great!

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