5 ways to calm down an excited child

Is your child usually overexcited? Is it easy for your child to get over-anxious about things,  but then almost impossible for you to calm them down? Have you found that online video games make it more difficult for him to cool down? Does your daughter get overexcited with dancing and trying new clothes?

Have you tried different techniques to calm down your overexcited child? Do any techniques work? If you have answered with an energetic and desperate nod of your head to any of these questions, then this article is tailored suit for you and your child. We are going to share with you five ways to calm him or her down. Our suggestions do not include tying him or making them do push ups til they can't move either!

Five Ways To Calm An Overexcited Child

According to child psychologists and experts, games can either excite or calm down any child. It all depends on the choices they make, and needless to say, on what we offer to play with. With this being said, it is obvious that if your child is offered quiet games that help him relax and achieve a calmer state of mind, he will be significantly less excited and the whole house will be much more peaceful. Here are five ways to calm your child down.

  1. Coloring and Children’s Activity Books: Bookshops and toy shops as well usually offer a wide variety of coloring and children’s activity books that ask your child to follow a certain pattern, complete a labyrinth successfully, complete a  drawing or color a picture according to certain rules or given model. It can be a relaxing and fun activity to offer your child one of them. Most books are tailored suit for different ages so that your child feels challenged and does not get bored.
  2. Crosswords and Word Games: If your child is old enough to have a large vocabulary or to know how to write different words, offering him crosswords and word games can really help him reduce his excitement. There are lots of crossword magazines and books tailored suit for children and plenty of word games that can be played either on the computer or on a board that not only make your child improve his spelling but also calm him down.
  3. Jigsaw Puzzles: Jigsaw Puzzles can be challenging and fun at the same time. Offer your overexcited child a puzzle that is large enough to keep him focused for enough time to reach that reflexive and relaxed state of mind, but not too large that he gets easily disappointed and frustrated. You can help your child at the beginning so that he is encouraged to move forward by himself.
  4. Building Block:The construction and manipulation of the blocks can relax and calm some children. Try with some simple blocks and let them build to their hearts content. 
  5. Board games:Provide your children with a variety of board games and wooden toys that will keep him focused on following the rules and having fun without getting him over excited.  Many kids will enjoy playing the same game over and over, so be prepared to potentially play the same game repeatedly

Follow these suggestions, and your child will learn to calm down and refocus their attention on quieter activities when they get overwhelmed.