How to create the perfect play space

Toddlers love exploring the world around them and, needless to say, one of the best ways they have to do so is through play.

This is probably the main reason why many parents are increasingly serious about providing their toddlers with a playspace that is tailor-suited for their child’s age, his or her growing interests and avidness of exploration, and needless to say, that is also safe.

Creating a playspace for a toddler is really a huge event for a parent. It means that your child will have his own space to spend hours on end playing, interacting with his sensory toys and developing both fine and gross motor skills. Everything needs to be tested and thought of from your child’s point of view.

Parents should make sure that their toddler can reach all her favourite games and toys without effort while preventing her from climbing into small pieces of furniture, which can end up in an accident.

Creating A Playspace That Is Welcoming, Inspiring and Engaging

It is of utmost importance that the playspace is organised into different working areas and that the room, whether it is big or small, is not overcrowded. Remember that your child should be able to play in it and display all their imagination in it, so they will definitely need some space.

Using a colorful carpet on the floor can not only stimulate your child visually but also make the room cozier and more comfortable - check out our rugs here if you need child friendly floor coverings. Parents should just make sure it is a washable carpet and that your child cannot trip over it by accident.

It can be a great idea to provide your child with a small wooden table and a couple of chairs in his playspace. There are hundreds of different models available in the market that are painted in colorful varieties, or that you can even paint yourself in your child’s favourite colour.

Creating A Playspace That Includes Great Children Literature And Texts

Parents should make sure that all corners are rounded to prevent the toddler from hurting themself. The table can be a great space where your child can start reading books or playing easy board games or even doing some collages.

Parents should make sure that all toy cabinets where your toddlers’ toys are stored are well secured to the walls and that your child cannot climb up them.

Give your child as much space as possible. Make sure she has plenty of room to distribute her games and toys and even to move within the playspace. Remember that your toddler likes exploring and that it is very likely that she will choose several different educational toys to play with at the same time.

One final important aspect parents should take into consideration is that their toddler’s playspace should definitely encourage his imagination. Avoid using white paint on the walls. Make it as colourful as possible and decorate it with different shapes and items that nourish your child’s imagination. Many parents even allow their children to create their own decoration by leaving a wall of the playspace either unpainted or painted like a blackboard surface so that they can paint or draw on it without causing trouble anywhere in the house.

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