Why is pre-school necessary?

Why Pre-School is a necessary stage of development!

Parents need to provide the children with an opportunity to learn. This can be done by enrolling them in a preschool which offers quality education.

While looking for a preschool, parents need to keep a few points in mind like the teachers, safety, philosophy of the school, environment, curriculum and activities, schedule and the student to teacher ratio.

                    "Pre-School  is more than just crayons and building blocks"

Quality preschool programs provide children with learning experiences that are age appropriate and which enhance their independence, self esteem, curiosity and problem solving skills. Preschool years are a special time in the life of young children. In early childhood the growth and development is accelerated. During this period the kids learn independence, social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language skills.


There are several reasons as to why preschools play an important role in development. When a child is born, they are sheltered and taken care of by their parents and other family members. As they grow older it is very important for them to learn social skills. The children have to start interacting to the world around them. Primary schools not only provide the children with knowledge and creative thinking skills but also positive social skills. It is very important that the kids socialise with their peers and teachers, this teaches them getting along with others, how to share and how to contribute. Social and emotional readiness can be taught and nurtured most effectively when the child is young. Expressing feelings, awareness of self developing, making friendships are all a part of learning at the preschools.


Physical development includes gross and fine motor skills which are an essential part of growth and need a good amount of attention. Gross motor skills involve activities like running , jumping, hopping, climbing etc. Whereas, fine motor skills help kids in writing and using small objects like painting, making puzzles, play dough moulding, cutting, stringing and construction with blocks. Cognitive development involves how the children think, reason, behave and react to the world around them and lastly how their use their learning.  


There are academic benefits also from attending preschool like learning numbers and alphabets, matching, sequencing, patterning, language building and asking questions like why, what, who and how. Development in one area effects the other areas, therefore it is very necessary to choose a correct preschool which pays attention to every area of development and provides balanced learning.


The methods and approaches used in new age preschools help the kids to find answers through exploration, experimentation and conversation. Going to school makes them confident and happy kids. Research shows that there are increasing evidences that the preschool experience is the best preparation for later schooling, and life success. In short, a preschool learning system is an important component for complete developmental needs of young children.