Baby Discovery Bins

My daughter is now 14 months old. It's such a fun age! But it is also difficult to keep children around this age entertained for long. So having something that is QUICK to set up and EASY to change each day is a must. 

We have started to really enjoy discovery bins or boxes. In each discovery box I simply include a few items for her to explore with her hands, feeling the textures, looking at the colours and sometimes they'll even make sounds or smell! It's like a mini sensory bin that can be created with anything lying around in your house. 

We did a post about SENSORY bins recently you can check out clicking the images below, but DISCOVERY bins are a little different.

Here are some of our favourite DISCOVERY BINS ideas to get you started - 

Balls - this box can get a little messy - balls will go every where! She toddles around picking the balls up, putting them back in the box, rolling them around. If you can get some balls with different textures it's even better! (Psst. We even use a cats toy with a bell inside! Haha!)


Puzzle Pieces - she is enjoying this box more and more all the time. This one is GREAT for older kids too. If you put a few different puzzles in the box it adds to the challenge of trying to complete the puzzles. 


Magnetic Letters & Numbers - It's a good one to do near a fridge so they can use magnetic letters on the door. Extra fun!

Kitchen Utensils - the easiest box ever! Measuring cups, whisks, spoons and bowls. As long as it's not sharp and can't catch moving fingers, we chuck it in and she explores. 


Fruit - again, it can get a little messy. But this is excellent for texture, smell and even taste. Cut up some apples, oranges, bananas, raspberries - any fruit you like - and let your child explore their sense without worrying. 

Photo Credit : Kids Play Box

Containers and Lids - this is fab if you have different coloured and sized containers. If you have see through ones you can even put things inside for them to shake and listen to. Great as they get older and are learning to match sizes and shapes as well.