Balance Bike - perfect for toddlers and children!

Wooden Balance Bikes

We are just the biggest fans of wooden balance bikes for children around Australia. What is essentially a training bike for young children, a balance bike will help instill a sense of adventure and excitement as your child learns to ride a bike. 

Wooden Balance Bikes are sturdy enough for children to learn on, they will support and help your child gain a sense of independence. But let's take a look at what they are and why you should have one for your child!  

What are Balance Bikes and why should you use them?

The key feature of Balance Bikes is that they do not have pedals, instead children ride the bike and make it move by pushing along with their feet. Because the child's feet are the way the balance bike is propelled forward, it is important to make sure that the child can sit on the seat with their feet firmly on the ground. 

Typically, balance bikes are great for children between around 18 months to 6 years - but can be used longer than this if the child still remains under the weight threshold for their bike. Balance Bikes are also a fantastic tool for children who have balance or physical disabilities that may prevent them from riding a traditional bike. These amazing Balance Bikes will help ensure your child with a disability is able to be included even in physical activities with the rest of the family. They. Are. Wonderful!

Riding a bike for a child can be scary - but by using a balance bike, you are helping your child to take control. They are in charge and able to balance themselves. They can choose their own speed, put down their feet to stop and steer easily. Plus, given that children can start using them shortly after they learn to walk, they can grow up on them, which takes away some of the fear and help them easily transition to a bike with pedals. 

Balance Bikes are wonderful for the Australian lifestyle - and our Wooden Balance Bikes are perfect for our great outdoors. The seats are adjustable so they will be loved for years as your child grows and gets taller. The wheels are strong and tough - we've had feedback on how perfect the wheels are for even dry, drought effected farms! Further to this, they are easy to maintain and allow for a smooth, hassle free ride. 

So, now you know how fantastic Wooden Balance Bikes can be, come by and have a look at our great range and give the gift of fun!