Best Educational Gifts for a 1 Year Old

6 Best Educational Gifts for One-Year Olds

Your baby is turning one soon and people are asking you ‘what do you want me to get for their birthday?’ but you aren’t sure of the best presents for 1-year-olds! Well, we’re here to help! 

Your child is likely moving around more now, spending some tummy time, maybe even starting to take some steps and babbling away when you sing them songs. You want the best for your child, you want to give your baby toys that will stimulate their learning and keep them entertained as they are spending more time awake these days! 

First birthday gifts are special, so providing age-appropriate toys that will help your child hit their milestones is ideal. Bright colours are important for little ones this age as they are not only appealing, but can indicate to your bub that it’s active time - pastels are gorgeous, but stock up on rainbow toys to stimulate that growing mind! 

Our other favourite first birthday toys are ones that focus on movement and music. Sensory play is amazing for babies and toddlers, and music can be enjoyed at any age! Movement toys could even be puzzles as their little fingers grasp and move the pieces around, some babies will even crawl around a puzzle board making it a full-body activity! 

But that’s all pretty general. So let’s look at our absolute favourite first birthday toys for your one-year-old. 

Here are our 6 favourite gifts to give for first birthdays. 

Bead Activity Table

Bead mazes are classic toys for babies, but this one will take your child’s play time to a new level! This table offers not only visual stimulation and hands-on fun that will keep your tot entertained endlessly, but it allows your child to start standing and strengthening those little legs while they play!  

Activity Walker

At the start of walking, and for months after that milestone is reached, a toy that your little one can push is important. This helps them gain confidence in walking and provides lots of fun.A fun and interactive walker can provide numerous activities to keep your little one occupied. Children can enjoy both sitting in front of a walker to play with the different features such as the bead maze, the sliding animals and the spinning elements  or push it around.There are so many options of walkers, and something for every baby—and every budget - so check out the whole range here.

Doll or Teddy

Your 1-year-old will benefit tremendously from having a baby doll or stuffed animal to love, adore and care for. At this age, a soft doll is best to avoid any bumps or bruises, and one that they can interact with their clothes or accessories. Once your child cares for their doll like a parent, you can alwaysadd furniture like high chairs, prams or beds for them too

Stacking Toys

We have raved about stacking toys before -have a read of the benefits of stacking toys. They’re a great way to get those developmentally important goals in! Toys that not only stack, but also nest (like our cubes) are a favourite because they’re easy to store and don’t take up much space. Your child will have the best time stacking, building, and knocking down structures they build with their own little hands.Wooden building blocks are also good for 1-year-olds as a gift they will cherish for years. 


Musical Toys

Again, we’ve talked about it over and over, but musical toys are so important for your baby’s development. Our Melody Mixes are perfect for hand-eye coordination and also not nearly as loud as electric toys that play music on their own - it’s a win-win. If you’re looking for a smaller gift then a xylophone, jingle bell or maraca are a wonderful wooden toy to help your child develop a love of musical instruments.


Art Supplies


It’s time to get messy! Art and craft supplies as a gift provide a wonderful way to help start your young toddler’s artistic journey. Art play is important for colour stimulation and recognition, fine motor skills, sensory development, hand-eye coordination, and creativity. Our craft supplies are great for even babies and toddlers, so crack out the paints or dough and allow your child to touch, feel, explore and create with art gifts.