How to ask your child about their day ... and get an answer!

We know that sometimes it seems like when children go to school they enter a void. They never seem to remember what they learned! 

We have been battling this and come to the conclusion that to get the best and most out of your child is to ask the right questions. None of those closed questions they can answer with 1 word like "did you have a good day?" or "how was school?" (answers : yep and good). 

We want you to think of a question that your child has to think about and construct an answer. Not just grab a random word and spit it out. 

Ask questions about their friends, what did they learn, did they do maths today (closed questions are okay if you follow it up with one of the below examples) and when they say 'yes' ask what was something new that they were taught. 

It's not tricky to ask questions, but it can be tricky to ask the RIGHT ones - so here is our list for you