Learning Colours!

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue! All the colours of the rainbow! But it can take children a little while to learn them all. Here are some ideas we've collected to help you teach children colours, in a FUN way!

We love this COLOUR WHEEL ACTIVITY - we explain it HERE (but its pretty self explanatory!)


Pom Pom Sorting 

This one was SUPER easy to set up - some cups, some pom poms annnnnd that's it!

Check it out HERE 

Colour Block Puzzles

This activity that we found at Pleasantest Things uses lego, but in case you didn't know, we like WOODEN toys best, so we have done this activity with our wooden blocks instead.



Printable Pattern Block Templates 

Picklebums has created a whole list of pattern block templates. These are GREAT to teach children not only shapes, but colours too! 

We always use our pattern blocks which you can find HERE.



Use some tools - we have some of those - see them HERE!



But ANY toy with colours (which is almost all of them!!) can be used. Simply start a dialogue with your child as they have fun playing and watch over the weeks as they start to learn so much.  

As always - we have lots of other ideas on how to teach colours to your child - just check out our Pinterest Page here!