Learning Sight Words with Blocks

Our son is starting to read. It's early days, but we know how important sight words are (you can read more about that here). 

I have been trying to think of new and fun ways to help him learn his sight words recently. He doesn't love flash cards - and I've found anything with a picture too easy for him to guess after reading the first few letters. PLUS I love the idea of upcycling some toys that have been gathering dust recently. 

So, we grabbed a Sharpie and some of our Becch Table Blocks in a Bag and I wrote out a few of the words he has been learning. 

Then it was as simple as rolling the blocks (they were cubes, so almost like giant dice) and reading the words! 

Best part of this was that we also got his little sister involved. She had a great time rolling the blocks, collecting them for him and copying what he was saying.


We have enjoyed rolling the blocks a few evenings before bed, as a nice quiet activity as I tidy up after dinner. We have also found they are great for out and about, a few blocks in my hand bag and we can stay entertained at lunch.

This week, we have moved on from just reading the words - we are now making up stories. So if we rolled the words, up, go, boy and the for example, we would make up a sentence using the words. "The little boy wanted to go up to the top of the slide!" This is helping him put the words into context and develop his creativity too. 

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