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Different Easter Ideas

Posted on 11 April 2017

Easter Egg hunts are fun. But are they fun because of the chocolate? We don't think so, it's the thrill of the chase! SO this Easter why not do something a little different? 

In our household, instead of hiding eggs we hide PUZZLE PIECES! That way each child can get a board, and fill in all the pieces. They learn AS they go, no fighting over 'she got a bigger egg' or 'he ate one behind the trampoline!' and it will last longer than chocolate eggs will.


We think this is a pretty clever way to still help your children enjoy the hunt, but healthier for them, and educational. 

Another popular toy in our house is a baboushka doll. We also hide these around the house (I mean, the bunny does!) and let the little ones find all the pieces. 


Pirate Nesting Dolls


Why not do some art and craft instead of a hunt? Paint an egg, paint a bunny, do some of these cute hand print crafts! 



Maybe baking is your thing? Why not bake some healthy (or unhealthy) muffins (that's kind of an egg shape yeah??). We LOVE these ones that use up some of the excess chocolate that you might find yourself with. 

What does Easter look like for your family?


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