Parenting Challenge - from Nate at CleverStuff

2020 8 Week Challenge

Last night I sat on the floor and did a puzzle with my daughter.

The joy it brought to her was incredible. To look in her eyes when I said "do you want to play a game?" and watch as she ran with excitement to our toy cupboard, pulled out her favourite puzzle and sat on the floor to do it together.

The joy in her eyes while we sat there doing the puzzle was an incredible feeling. We probably only sat there for 20 minutes before I had to stop to get dinner ready, but to her it was everything - that moment will be remembered.

So, this is a challenge to all parents out there.. 1 night a week for the next 8 weeks, we challenge you to have a game night with the kids for just one hour.

It doesn't seem that hard RIGHT?? Well, let's do it.

The happiness and excitement that it will bring to your child, the memories you will make together and the connection you will grow will last forever. For me, I know spending that time together means the world to me (as well as my daughter).

I'm sure you can remember playing games like Guess Who, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders. Think back to how it made you feel. Well, how did it make you feel??? We all get moments in life, and these moments, these memories will last for your child for ever.

I know we are all so busy, and I will be the first to put my hand up for being one of those parents at times, sitting on my phone, or watching a show instead of interacting with my children. But, together, we can start making steps by having a simple game of snap or running around the house playing tip! It doesn't have to be much to make an impact on your child's life.

So, let's put down the remote, turn off the phone (or put it on silent at the very least) and spend these moments with our children - it's what helps them to become adults who will in turn do these thing with their children - and what a wonderful tradition to start.

1 hour. That's all it will take.
I dare you.