Make Playing Inside Fun

We always hear about the benefits of playing outside (and goodness, there are many) but that doesn't mean that playing inside is something to turn our noses up at. It's more important than ever, with our changing lifestyles of kids having more screen time and less green time, to make sure that play, while it doesn't have to be intentional should be beneficial. 

Lets look at some of the reasons that playing inside is a positive experience for children. 

1. Development of Social Skills

Inside children can develop social skills through activities where they take turns, show patience, play fair and engage in problem solving actitivies. Think of doing a puzzle - a child will work as a team, communicate, encourage fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Playing inside can involve dress ups or pretend play where child can safely act out their feelings and emotions. 

2. Getting Active and Healthy

Just because you're inside doesn't mean you can't get sweaty (uh, have you heard of a gym!?). Why not make an obstacle course, or do some exercise inside. Exercise gives children a release, it leads to children being more attentive and encourages them to engage in healthy activities. 

3. Encourages Creativity

During their time in indoor play areas kids are often faced with situations and challenges that help them develop vital skills. Interacting with others helps develop their imagination. Kids learn to be more expressive and curious. It also helps them learn from one and another. Inside we can create dramatic scenes, engage in social and pretend play (car tracks or doll houses for example) or even enjoy craft time. 

4. Weather Doesn't Matter

Unpredictable weather can force us to stay at home. During such times indoor play areas can be the ideal place for kids to be entertained, remain active and have a good time. There are loads of indoor games and activities you can do while inside - and they won't be ruined by the hot weather or a bit of rain! 

What are your favourite indoor activities?

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