Put down the remote and start playing!

Put the remote down.... Now, step away from the lounge... Go and grab your child and PLAY with them - TONIGHT! 
Here are our top toys for a FUN FAMILY GAME NIGHT! 

Each player gets a board and you have to cover all the faces with the matching tiles. You can play this like memory too if your child is a little older.
Make a chain by connecting the animals to each other! 
This is very similar to another game you might have played. Take the pieces out carefully to keep the tower balanced. Whoever makes it tumble is out! 
Take a card and then pull a tile from the bag. If the tile matches your card you keep it. First to fill their card wins! 
This is a super simple game that any child will love playing with you. Maybe use it to see who has to wash the dishes tonight - while the winner relaxes! 
A fun memory game with just 16 pieces, so it's the perfect game to start building your childs memory!



These are some of our favourite ways to spend a Friday night playing as a family. 

Do you have a favourite game?