The Power of Pretend Play

The benefits of pretend play have been celebrated for years. It is well known that young kids learn by imagining and doing. Whether they are playing with a stick or an expensive toy, your child is using an object to represent something greater and imagining themselves in another role or place. While it may seem simple, pretend play is an incredibly important part of a child's early development.

Stronger social and emotional skills

When a child engages in pretend play, they are actually experimenting with life's various social and emotional roles. By pretending to be a different person or character, your child is experiencing life as someone else, which is an essential part of developing empathy. By seeing the world through another's eyes they will begin to consider the feelings of others and seek more meaningful social interactions. 

Sharper thinking skills

Problem-solving and cognitive thinking are important factors in pretend play. During imaginative play, children must learn to share roles or take turns in the same role, while inventing new ways to evolve their play. For example, when playing with a dinosaur toy, a child must find terrains to make their imaginative world come to life. 

Wider language skills

By entering the role of another person, your child will naturally widen their language usage (particularly when they adopt roles they see every day). You'd be amazed to see how accurately children can mimic the language and inflections of family, friends and teachers. Through play, they will learn the value of language and how new words can help enact a story or organise their play. This process ultimately helps children make connections between spoken and written language. 

Encourage pretend play with our range of wooden toys

At CleverStuff we have a range of wooden toys specifically designed for pretend play. We stock play sets, work benches, doll houses and toy appliances to help children expand their imagination and role play. Because our wooden toys don't have moving parts or voice directions, children must experiment and reason while engaging in pretend play. So, whether they want to be a builder, a doctor, or a farmer, our wooden toys will help widen their horizons.