Why are memory games great for kids

Why are memory games great for children?
Memory games are a classic educational toy that you probably played with when you were a child as well. Do you remember playing memory games? Were you good at them? We love memory games here at CleverStuff - they are fun, quick, challenging and will help your child explore healthy competition. 
We all know how fun memory games can be, but have you ever really looked at all the skills your child will develop when you give them memory games to play with? Let's explore those skills!
  • When you play with memory games you are helping to improve your childs attention, their focus and concentration.

  • Memory games help children develop their visual recognition of whatever the theme of the games is (this can be anything!). When matching the two images, your child is coming to decisions about why two images are the same (and also, how they are different). 

  • Memory games are also amazing at nurturing short term memory, which in turn will improve their long term memory. Memory is like a muscle that you exercise when you play memory games.

  • When your child plays with memory games they are also developing strategy (which one will they flip next) and a friendly competition if you are playing against someone else. 

See! So many reasons to continue to enjoy playing memory games with your children - while you're having a great time you are helping them grow and develop a huge range of skills. 

If you are now convinced you need memory games for kids to play with we hear you! We have a huge range that you can find in our collection of memory games.