Why use wooden toys in a play room?

Why should you be using wooden toys in your play room?

Woah. Now, where do we start!?

Wooden toys make the BEST additions to play spaces because they offer so much learning potential and can be used in such a wide range of way. Wooden toys are timeless, they are safe and they are practical. But let’s look at why they make the best choice for your childs play area.

  1. Wooden toys are timeless!

Wooden toys don’t date. They don’t need updates. They won’t run out of batteries. They will last and last. If you treat your toys with respect (something we should be teaching our children) they are the perfect choice as they will last for generation upon generation.

  1. Wooden toys are safe!

As wooden toys don’t need batteries, they have an extra layer of safety (no pesky button batteries causing injury). They are incredibly sturdy. We recommend inspecting all toys regularly, but even after years of rigorous play, wooden toys will stand the test of time. Dropping a wooden toy shouldn’t do much damage to it, which means your investment will last longer.

  1. Wooden toys are practical!

Even if it gets a small dent, even if it has a minor crack (that is still SAFE), it shouldn’t impact play! They are tough and sturdy, but also, durable even if there is minor wear and tear. You can spruce a wooden toy up with a new lick of paint, or by a coat of varnish.

  1. Wooden toys are educational!

Wooden toys won’t ‘work’ unless they are used. This means that learning becomes intentional. No passive learning as they sit in front of a screen, or simply push a button. To learn with a toy, your child will need to investigate, they will need to consider what they want to happen and work out HOW to get it to do what they want. A ramp racers cars don’t position themselves for example, your child will need to pick up the carriage, make sure it’s facing the correct way, place it in the track and then let it go. They will LEARN so much more by DOING than they will by just watching.

  1. Wooden toys look great!

Have you looked at playroom inspo on Instagram or Pinterest? Have you noticed many toy rooms filled with loud, plastic toys? Nope, neither have we! Wooden toys look fantastic. They are toys AND décor. They can happily sit on a book shelf and look gorgeous. They can double as a feature AND an activity. Wooden toys simply LOOK GREAT!


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