First Birthday Gifts


There are a wide variety of reasons you should give children wooden, educational toys for their first birthday. First, they are safe - be sure to check the age rating of course - but wooden blocks are safe and classic gifts for babies and toddlers. Wooden toys are durable and can used for years, if not decades. First birthday gifts can be sentimental, so giving something high-quality that can be kept for years is a great option. When you give your baby wooden toys they can help stimulate the baby's development and encourage them to engage in learning activities, such as playing with wooden puzzles and blocks. Lastly, wooden toys are eco-friendly, which means not only are they great for your baby, but they are also great for our world. 

We stock nothing but the best - our high-quality wooden educational toys will be sure to delight any child for their first birthday - plus their parents will be impressed too! Shop now for fast dispatch for their special day.