Learning Sound & Touch

Sensory Toys To Learn About Sounds & Touch

Wooden sensory toys can help your child learn about their senses such as hearing and feeling when they are used in a learning environment. When your child is completing a  sensory puzzle, playing with musical toys, or building with sensory blocks, speak to them, say what the bell sounds like, and your child will begin to learn about sounds with their toys. Similarly, with touch toys, if you say the name of the thing they are touching, talk about the way we know it's a triangle or a square because of the points, or it's a soft doll, and your child will begin to learn about how to describe how things feel while they play with their educational toys. Sensory toys bring a new dimension to playtime! 

Our wooden sound and touch toys are ready to ship from our Sydney warehouse - which would your child love to play with today?
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