Toddler Toys

Wooden Toys for 1 year olds and Toddlers

Learning through play during your child's early years is vital to their growth and development. By using wooden educational toys you can teach 1 year olds to walk and move with walkers and sensory toys. When your 2 years old plays with toys, they will start to develop skills by using wooden puzzles and shape sorters. Their understanding of the world around them changes and expands as they learn by using high quality educational toys. Then, when your child is 3 years old, wooden toys will help then make connections with how they fit into the world and help them learn social norms. By the time they are using toddler toys they will learn turn taking, language and a whole range of developmental skills to help them learn and grow by using educational wooden toys.

Using wooden toys you'll give your baby or toddler the best start to their early learning journey!

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